Posted November 18, 2013 by Chelle B in Entertainment News

Keep It On The Hush: Justin Bieber’s Party Guest Sign $3 Million Dollar Confidential Agreement


According to TMZ, Justin Bieber made fans sign a confidential agreement to attend his Gatsby-themed party friday at his house in California. Oh! And if you blabbed you’ll be fined $3 Million dollars…AND thats the discounted rate! Guest could not tweet, text, phone, Facebook, Instagram..etc. anything about the location or details of the party, even the workers had to sign it!
The party must’ve been worth it all because the police was called 3 times and a neighbor even filed a police report against the 19-year-old party host.

Is Bieber trying to clean up his image?
Let us know!  Would you sign the agreement to party with Beiber?