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Giants’ JPP Delivers NFL Defensive Play Of The Year?! [Video]

Jason Pierre-Paul Interception

“Honestly, I called it before it even happened in the huddle,” JPP said. “I read the formation, and the tight end, how he was set, and I caught the ball.”

Asked what he said in the huddle, JPP said: “I’m going to pick this (expletive) off and run to the house. That’s what I said. And sure enough, I did it.”

Justin Tuck: “I don’t even run out to him to celebrate, I’m literally in awe. I don’t know if he’s voodoo, psychic, but that’s something I’ve never seen before.”

Antrel Rolle: “I was in shock.” – nypost

JPP Most Amazing Pick-Six on Packers [Video]


he Giants were flawed, but held on a necessary 27-13 win over the Green Bay Packers at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ on Sunday! Giants star defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul delivered the game-changing most amazing pick-six in the fourth quarter right after the Packers seemed to take control of the game! I mean he leaped right at the line of scrimmage into the path of Packers QB Scott Tolzien pass! Even more amazing is the fact that JPP predicted the pick-six before he delivered! This has definitely got to be the NFL Defensive Play of The Year? What do you think?! Leave some feedback below and check out details from the game below! 

The Giants have now won their fourth straight and increased their record to 4-6, and only behind the Philadelphia Eagles (6-5) and the Dallas Cowboys (5-5) in the NFC East. Giants’ QB Eli Manning was solid with WR Victor Cruz catching 110 yards and complemented by the “new” running back tandem of Andre Brown and Brandon Jacobs. The Giants BIG D forced Packers QB Tolzien into three interceptions…