Posted November 18, 2013 by Marie-D in News

George Zimmerman Accused Of Pointing Shotgun At Girlfriend [Video]


George Zimmerman was charged with felony aggravated assault Monday after his girlfriend called deputies to the home where they were living and claimed he pointed a shotgun at her during an argument, authorities said.

According to an arrest report, his girlfriend Samnatha Scheibe called 911 in the afternoon to say that Zimmerman had smashed a glass table, threatened her with a shotgun and ultimately pushed her out of the house.

After pushing her out, he barricaded the door with furniture and refused to leave saying that he would talk to the police, authorities said.

CNN reports:

On a 911 call recording released by police, a woman can be heard telling authorities: “He’s inside my house breaking all my (things) because I asked him to leave.”

The woman then says to someone at the house, “I’m doing this again? You just broke my glass table. You just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the (expletive) out.”

A man is heard telling her to calm down, but then she tells the dispatcher that the man just pushed her out of the house and locked the door.

On a separate 911 call, a man calls to report that his girlfriend was “for lack of a better term, going crazy on me” and throwing his things out. The caller says the woman is outside with police.

When asked why he is calling, the man says, “I just want everyone to know the truth.”

He says he never pulled a firearm and that it is in a bag, locked. He claims she was the one who broke the table.

George Zimmerman was acquitted in July in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. He had several involvements with authorities since his acquittal.

 His wife Shelie has  moved out of their house and filed for divorce in September. She and her father accused him of threatening them with a gun as they moved her belongings out of their Lake Mary home. Police handcuffed Zimmerman but later let him go.

He also has been pulled over three times for minor traffic incidents, twice receiving warnings and once issued a speeding ticket.