Posted November 16, 2013 by Kris-E in Sneakers

Sneaker Fanatics Get Their First Mobile Game! [Video]


 Sneaker Strike is available for $1.99 on Itunes for iOS owners (sorry Androids)!  Players will be “ninjas” defending their “holy grails” from coffee spills and hype-beasts.

Check out this screen shot video:


The game’s details are available in Sneakerstrikes.com press release:

Sneaker Strike slashes its way onto iOS
SneakerStrike.com is proud to announce the launch of Sneaker Stirke, the first mobile game designed for sneakerheads on the iPhone. Sneakerheads and casual players alike will love the sublime simplicity of the gameplay and the ability to win free sneakers.
The struggle that sneakerheads face is captured every day on sneaker blogs and social media and now Sneaker Strike comes with an entertaining take on the culture that is fun and addictive. Take on the role of a sneakerhead ninja who is on a quest to retrieve his sneaker holy grails. Your finger is your weapon as you slice your way against the classic sneakerhead enemies; whether it is the dreaded coffee spill or lame sneakers or the awful hypebeasts, you empower the ninja in his quest for sneaker enlightenment.
Learn the intricacies of Sneaker Strike through Classic Mode and earn sneaker coins that you can use to unlock the game’s Quest Mode. Each quest challenges players with a unique gameplay twist that grows more diabolical with each new level. Sneakerheads will appreciate the attention to detail found in the shoe models (and in the kicks the sneaker ninja is rocking) and the various angles they can be sliced.
Once you have conquered all of the challenges, you’ll want to keep your skills sharp because Sneaker Strike is also offering you a chance to win the very grails that the sneaker ninja was chasing. In very near future, there will be challenges that players will be able to join as they take on the rest of the world for not only bragging rights, but free kicks as well.
Sneaker Strike is available now for $1.99 on the Apple App Store and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Follow @SneakerStrike for news and potential updates to the game, which might include new shoes to slice or protect.