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Sanaa Lathan Covers Rolling Out Magazine [Photo]

Sanaa Rolling Out Cover

Best Man Holiday star Sanaa Lathan covers the newest issue of Rolling Out Magazine. The talented actress talks what she likes to do most during her downtime and how her new movie, Best Man, allowed her to “open up” via social media outlets and start showing more of her goofy side to her fans. Check out the full spread and highlights below.

Sanaa Rolling Out

“..I was very resistant to social media at first, and actually just a couple months ago when I was on [The Best Man Holiday] set, I started having fun with it. At first, it was just a creative thing for me, and then I got encouraged by everyone from my agent to the studios, to keep it up. It’s really interesting to me how involved social media can be from a business perspective, so I’m interested in exploring where it can go as it relates to my career.”

Sanaa Rolling Out2

“We had so much fun (on set). I mean, we’re all kind of like family now. We kept in touch after the first movie, and I’ve done other movies with Taye. Regina Hall and I are best friends; Nia Long and I are great friends, so we just had a blast to the point where I think the director would occasionally get mad, because we were having too much fun in between takes. But I think the genuine love for each other really translates to what you’ll see, and feel with the movie. I honestly think that the people who loved the first movie will not be disappointed.”

Sanaa Rolling Out 5

“..I’m really goofy and silly. Everyone in my life knows that, but I don’t think that the public really knows that I like to have fun. I like to laugh … you know, is life is short, so it’s all about having fun.”

Sanna Rolling Out4

“..I have really social periods where I have to be around lots of friends, and go out … I love the club, loud music, and the energy of the nightlife. But then I go through periods where I’m literally a hermit. I’m a Virgo, and they call the Virgo the hermit, so I’m just by myself, and I read and lay in bed all day, and retreat inward. So you know, it swings with me, and really just depends on how I’m feeling.”