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Rick Ross and Pusha T Cover The Source Magazines November 2013 Issue [Photo]

Source Mag Rick Ross

Gracing the cover of the Source Magazine for the 5th time, Rick Ross poses in a two-toned blue mink as the “MMG-ENIUS” of the year. Sitting down with Source writer Shaheem Reid, Ross talks his 6th album, Mastermind, and how he;s living the ultimate dream as a businessman and a music mogul. “It feel good as hell. When you look at these dope ass covers, just being on the bible, it still means that much to me. You understand? I’m going into my 6th album, my 5th cover just letting you know that every year they supported the team MMG. Get ready for the craziest Ricky Rozay story, as soon as you see me on the cover, pick it up, even if I’m not on the cover, still pick it up. It’s the culture.”

Source Mag Pusha T

The second cover goes to Virgina native Pusha T. With the Source Mag being his first official publication as a solo artist he shares with The Source readers what it’s like working under Kanye and a potential Clipse album! “I can talk openly about this right now. Kanye’s down to do it. Pharrell’s down to do it. Kanye said that if Pharrell wants to do the whole thing, it’s cool, he just wants it to come out.”

Read More on Nov. 26th with the issue hits the stands.

Source Mag