Posted November 14, 2013 by Kris-E in Movies & TV

Sneak Peak at New Series ‘Almost Human’ Starring Michael Ealy!! [Video]

In the year 2048 , police officers are required to have a human-like robot as a partner.  John Kennex is an officer who must deal with this adjustment after becoming conscious after 17 months due to an horrific attack.  Although John is adamant about not having an android, Dorian [the exquisite Michael Ealy], as a partner, he must make this new union work.

Almost Human is produced by JJ Abrams [After Earth and Lost] and JH Wyman [The Mexican].  The series is an exciting, futuristic, action-packed cop drama that is will unfold mysteries and crimes.

Almost Human will air Sunday, November 17 and Monday, November 18 as part of  a two night series premiere at 8pm on FOX!

Watch an Exclusive Sneak Peak!