Posted November 14, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Matt Barnes Gets Into Scrum; Complains About Defending Teammates During Game [Video]

Ibaka Barnes



Matt Barnes went on Twitter shortly after his ejection (as soon as he got into the locker room), during the Oklahoma City Thunder, complaining that helping his teammates is costing him money.

Barnes got ejected after Thunder big man Serge Ibaka blocked Blake Griffin. The two hooked arms, when Ibaka then shoved Griffin. Barnes being a good teammate came to Griffin’s defense and shoved Ibaka who then cocked his arm back as if he were going to punch him.

The two got ejected, Griffin got a technical foul and was allowed to stay in the game.

As soon as he got into the locker room, Barnes decided to hop on his Twitter, and express his discontent with the fine that gets handed to him after every ejection.

No word on if that would cost him even more money, as the NBA does not allow social media posts to be done by players while the game is in session.

Check out the tweet and the incident below.