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Lawsuit: Ohio Nurse Was ‘Worked To Death’ [Video]

We find this story extremely interesting for more reasons than one. According to CNN: A Ohio man is filing a lawsuit against the hospital where his deceased wife used to work tirelessly.

“An Ohio man whose wife died in a car accident earlier this year is suing the hospital where she was a nurse, claiming she was “worked to death,” and that the hospital knew about it. Jim Jasper’s wife, Beth, was killed on March 16 while driving home after a 12-hour shift.
The wrongful death lawsuit, filed last week, alleges that from 2011 to the time of her death, Beth Jasper’s unit at the Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati was ‘regularly understaffed,’ causing some nurses, including Jasper, to work through breaks and pick up additional shifts.
Additionally, Jasper was routinely called into work while off duty because she was one of the few nurses qualified to work the unit’s dialysis machines, according to the suit.
‘It needs to change. These nurses cannot be treated this way,’ Jim Jasper told CNN affiliate WCPO, referring to the conditions he says led to his wife’s death. ‘They can’t continue to work these nurses and expect them to pick up the slack because they don’t want to staff the hospitals.’
Staff shortages and overextended shifts for nurses are a nationwide issue, according to National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union representing registered nurses, with nearly 185,000 members throughout the country. But wrongful death litigation stemming from staffing issues is unusual.”

The article then goes on to state, “Jim Jasper’s attorney, Eric Deters, said Beth Jasper may have fallen asleep before her car veered off the road, jumped an embankment and struck a tree. During her final shift, according to the lawsuit, Beth Jasper told other nurses she was “really stressed” and “hadn’t eaten…Jasper’s lawsuit claims that hospital staffers, including his wife’s supervisor, were aware of the staffing problems and alerted the hospital’s parent company, Mercy Health Group. Her supervisor expressed concern to superiors that Beth Jasper was being “worked to death,” yet the hospital did nothing to deal with the staffing issue, the suit said.”

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Source: CNN