Posted November 13, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Bernard Hopkins Challenges Floyd Mayweather To Fight



Floyd Mayweather is running out of challengers that we actually care about seeing.

He has recently fought Canelo Alvarez, Robert Guerrerro, Miguel Cotto, and Victor Ortiz. All in what seemed like a walk in the park for Mayweather.

Now 48-years young IBF Light Heavyweight Champion Bernard Hopkins wants a piece of Mayweather.

“Everybody wants to fight Floyd Mayweather, but I want to fight him for other reasons. Some want to fight him to see if they can compete and some want to fight him thinking they can win. But, its not whether or not I want to fight him, but its who’s he gonna fight that people will pay to see? You gotta understand, I’m a promoter so I’m trying to help a situation to sell something for people who ain’t buying,” he said to KnockoutNation.com.

This could bring some intrigue to a Pay Per View, just to see if Hopkins has enough in the tank to be the oldest fighter to win a world title.

To make that fight happen, Hopkins wants Mayweather to jump two weight classes t0 160 lbs which is considered Middleweight. This would also allow Hopkins to drop down, as he is currently fighting at 175.

It is doubtful that Floyd Mayweather would take such a fight and truly challenge a chance to ruin his legacy. If not Hopkins though, who would you want to see fight Mayweather? Does he have any attractive choices left? Let us know!