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Thank Goodness: Giants Hash Up Raiders With Injured Stars?!

Andre Brown Giants Raiders

“That’s what Veterans Day’s about, huh?”

“I carried it 30 times? It felt like 50,” Andre Brown cracked.

The last time he had 30 carries?

“Probably my sophomore year in college [at N.C. State],” he said.

You bet he was sore. But it was a good sore.

“Cold tub it up, a little salt, and let’s ride,” he said. – nypost

Terrell Thomas interception Raiders

Terrell Thomas returned an interception for 65 yards, and put the Giants in position to win over the Oakland Raiders at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NY on Sunday afternoon.

“His [Terrell Thomas] heart ,” Antrel Rolle said, “is the size of Texas.”

“I’m not close to where I was,” Terrell Thomas said. “My knee still hurts, it’s still swollen, I’m still battling. Probably about 80, 90 percent. … It’s tough, but I definitely feel like I’m turning the corner. I’m about 14 months post-surgery, so that’s when your knee starts feeling better. I think the game’s slowing down to me more than anything.” – nypost


he NY Giants continued their winning ways (three straight), and improved to (3-6) after a nail-biting 24-20 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon! Thank goodness for cornerback Terrell Thomas and running back Andre Brown, who returned from a broken leg in pre-season, and put the game away rushing for the deciding touchdown 21-20 in the third quarter! Thomas set up Brown on the five after a 65-yard game changing interception; Thomas has overcome three ACL surgeries two in the last two seasons! It seemed most fitting that Brown scrambled for five yards to put the Raiders on ice in the closing minutes; Brown finished with 115 yards on 30 carries! Giants quarterback Eli Manning was adequate and threw for 140 yards completing 12-of-22 passes with one touchdown and one pick! Don’t forget about Giants’ safety Antrel Rolle, who was a beast on D, finishing with 12 tackles and one sack!