Posted November 8, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Mike Tyson To Give You His ‘Undisputed Truth’

Champion. Brawler. Actor. Comedian. Author.

All these things can describe Mike Tyson at various parts of his life and career. He came from the bottom in Brooklyn, New York to becoming on top of the world to rock bottom and back. Yet in only a way Tyson can do it, he continues to reinvent himself, while telling the story of his wild life.

He is now ready to release a book titled Undisputed Truth, which is an autobiography giving very personal take on his life, leaving almost nothing left behind.

In excerpts released, he talks about not being the perfect person, and looking back he isn’t completely healed yet.

“Sometimes I just fantasize about blowing somebody’s brains out so I can go to prison for the rest of my life,” he says. “Working on this book makes me think that my whole life has been a joke.”

In the book, you can find in depth stories about some of his sexual exploits, the inside stories while he was on top of the boxing world, his relationship with promoter Don King, his erratic wedding to Robin Givens, the rape case against Desiree Washington, and much more.

One thing you could say about this book is it looks like it is no holds barred as to the stories Tyson shares, and should give us a much better understanding into the complicated life that was of Mike Tyson

Look out for Undisputed Truth to be released on November 12. Also check out Spike Lee directed HBO special of his Broadway play under the same name Undisputed Truth.