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Ariana Grande Covers Complex Magazines Dec’13 Issue [Photo]

Broadway and Television star Ariana Grande covers the latest issue of Complex Magazine, and although she doesn’t carry the demeanor of the typical “top chart R&B Diva,” she does share with Complex writer, Joe La Puma, a little piece of her dark side.

Being the first female artist to hit #1 in three years Grande talks comparisons to Mariah Carey, her love for Lord of the Rings and rapping, and she also shares her thoughts of ever being considered a sex symbol. Check out the full spread and highlights below.

ariana-grande-complex 6

“I like rapping. I don’t take myself seriously but it feels good to learn the words to an entire song and rap.”

ariana-grande-complex 2

“I’m a big nerd. I love Lord of the Rings. I love Harry Potter. I love scary movies. I love dinosaurs, science, aliens, ghosts.”

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“..Love comes in many different forms. You can love somebody and not be in love with them. They can break your heart and you can cry over it but still not be in love with them. Love is a really peculiar thing. I think as far as being in love, I’ve experienced it.”

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“…I love Audrey Hepburn and Chanel. I’m super girly when it comes to fashion, but on the inside I’m only fascinated with dark, macabre, and weird things. Like the “Thriller” video. Like Tim Burton.”

ariana-grande-complex 5

“I don’t see myself as sexy and I’m not comfortable being sexy and dressing sexy. I don’t see myself ever becoming a sex symbol.”

Source: Complex