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Serbian Soccer Fans Set Stadium Ablaze During Intense Rival Match?! [Video] [Photo]

Red Star Partizan Soccer Match firesSerbian soccer fans were in for a treat on Saturday when arch-rival (home) clubs, Partizan took on Red Star in Belgrade in what is commonly dubbed “the Eternal Derby!” Not only did they get to see a great 1-0 win by Red Star, they also got to be a part of the action when big fires began in the stands (with a 10 minute intermission)?! This is common practice with many games at the Belgrade Partizan and Belgrade Red Star stadium events, as the Partizan (away) fans were attempting to rally their team (down 1-0), so they began to set many fires random in the stands?! Check out pics and the video below and read more after the jump…

Red Star Partizan Soccer Match fires 2

Although to you it may seem rather peculiar (to start a fire during a live soccer match) the fire represents tradition and a strong rallying point and support from the fans! The Balkans (Serbians) have a rather vicious history, as no other soccer club in the world can top that sort of dedication and seemingly celebration! Right now, America is so clouded with lawsuits, liabilities, and so many shadow ghost writers out for their better and your worse that we forget sometimes to let the straws hang out and simply have a good time!

Red Star Partizan Soccer Match fires 3

Do you think that this sort of action is appropriate for a soccer game? Would you scowl at an opportunity to attend a event like this or enjoy it? Please leave a comment below!

[youtube width=”625″ height=”425″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHGYG8UbE2Y[/youtube]