Posted November 4, 2013 by Tabby T in News

Florida ‘Sadomasochist’ Tried To Kill Girlfriend During ‘Rough Sex’?!


According to NYDailyNews, Mia McCarthy, 23, faces charges of battery, sexual assault and murder after she raped and tried to kill her 52-year-old girlfriend, authorities say.

“A Florida ‘sadomasochist’ raped and tried to kill her girlfriend during “rough sex” romps, authorities said.
Mia McCarthy, 23, violated her older partner twice, refusing to stop even as the woman suffered in pain, an affidavit says.
The first time was in July on the girlfriend’s 52nd birthday. She told a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s detective they went to a nightclub in Delray Beach to celebrate. McCarthy used the opiate Kraton and they smoked pot, she said.
“I absolutely did not want her to touch me and she, at that point, that night raped me,” the woman said.”

NYDailyNews goes on to report the interview with the suspect, McCarthy. “Detectives interviewed McCarthy, who told them she was a sadomasochist and often had “rough sex” with the woman.
She reportedly claimed “no means yes,” when it comes to her girlfriend.
McCarthy admitted to using a vibrator to penetrate the woman in July, even though she knew she was in pain, authorities said.
“I didn’t stop,” she reportedly told detectives. “I meant to stop.”

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