Posted November 4, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Alex Rodriguez Allegedly Failed 2006 Stimulant Test


The arbitration case against Alex Rodriguez continues to get uglier as we wait for some kind of decision to his 211 game suspension which was handed out earlier this year due to his role in purchasing performance enhancing drugs from a South Florida aging clinic.

In 2006 Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids to help his performance after a report exposed a positive test in 2003. Now New York Times is reporting that he also failed a drug test for a banned stimulant in 2006.

According to the collective bargaining agreement, there are no suspensions for a first positive test due to a first positive test.

Rodriguez’s lawyer Lanny J. Davis released a statement which read.

“The ethically questionable and possibly illegal misconduct of Major League Baseball in its investigation of Alex Rodriguez — such as the knowing purchase of stolen documents for $125,000 in cash in a satchel in a Florida restaurant and putting in a good word with prosecutors for someone reportedly under federal and state investigation for distributing drugs to teenagers in the name of getting Alex Rodriguez — is not just unseemly, it is shameful. I believe a federal investigation of this misconduct is needed — and specifically, of the commissioner of baseball and the extent of his involvement and knowledge of the professional misconduct by investigators he hired, as reported by The New York Times.”

The appeal of his suspension will continue on November 18. Rodriguez’s lawsuit against Major League Baseball will be heard November 7.

Don’t expect a ruling anytime soon, as it looks to be a long hard fought fight.