Posted November 3, 2013 by Marie-D in Entertainment News

NeNe Leakes’ Sister Doesn’t Approve Of Her Marriage ‘Gregg Was A Married Man’ [Video]


Nene Leakes’ half sister Kendle Kenya Sherman is spilling the tea on her marriage with Gregg Leakes. Kendle is confessing that the reality star stole her husband from another married woman.

In an interview with Courtney Luv,  Sherman spoke out against her very famous sister and revealed that she’s preparing to star in her very own reality show. Kenya also dished out on her feeling about being referred as Nene’s half-sister and why  she disapproves of NeNe’s marriage both times. Check the highlights from the interview below:

On why NeNe keeps her hidden:

“Well you know, my sister, I believe she has her issues with our family.”

On NeNe referring to her as a half-sister:

“Honey, that is my sister. We Black. We don’t say half. We say sister. We share the same mom and we share the same dad. Listen, when people say what they have to say about our family, it’s okay. NeNe knows and I know. We’re sisters. Maybe now that she’s Hollywood, I’m considered a half-sister.”

On not approving of NeNe’s marriage and not attending the wedding.

“Well, I was invited to the first wedding, I just wasn’t in the first wedding. No [I didn’t approve of the first wedding] because Gregg was a married man. She let the world know. It is what it is. Everybody knows that. [I wasn’t invited to the second wedding] because right now, we don’t even have a relationship. Right now we don’t communicate with each other.”

On why she and NeNe take jabs at each other on Twitter:

“Well that’s that way NeNe likes it. She likes things on blast and everybody knowing. I tried to talk to her one-on-one, privately. But she prefers it this way so this is how we communicate.”

 On appearing on RHOA with Phaedra:

“It was no shade. Phaedra invited me to her baby’s birthday party. Phaedra was my attorney prior to her coming on the show, so we established a friendship and our families know each other from Athens, because she’s from Athens. We know each other. It’s not like we were strangers and never seen each other before.”

On their relationship now: 
‘Right now we don’t even have a relationship. Right now we’re not  communicating. Nene likes it [communication] on blast, she likes everybody to  know, this is how she likes it. You know I tried to talk to her one on one  privately but she prefers it this way so this is how we  communicate.’
On their childhood: 
“We grew up together. Nene did live in Georgia with my aunt that is true. We  grew up together as far as summers, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, everything.  Don’t take it the wrong way we could have lived together in New York but my  sister asked my mom could she go to school in Georgia and my mom okayed it. My  mom would never ship her kids off.”
On the rumors she was kicked out of a party hosted by Marlo:
“Allegedly, I was kicked out. Allegedly, we had words. No, none of that  happened. I went to the event, thinking that I can get some orders for hair…I  didn’t want anyone to know that I was her sister and I stressed that to  Marlo and she said, ‘Girl I recognize you, I know who you are’ and I said,  ‘You do? Don’t say it too loud, come to the back, lets talk in the back.’One  more thing about Marlo’s event, she did let me know that she recognized what I  was saying about what I was saying about my sister, and how my sister is very  messy, that let me know that she knew what time it was.”
Watch the full interview below: