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LAX Shooting Kills TSA Officer, Wounds Others [Video]


Friday morning at Los Angeles International Airport Friday, a gun man walked into Terminal 3 and pulled out an assault rifle out of a bag and opened fire killing a Transportation Security Administration officer at a security checkpoint and wounding three other TSA officers, authorities and law enforcement sources said. Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon said that the gunman pulled out an assault rifle out of a bag and began to open fire inside the terminal at 9:20 am.

 “He proceeded up into the screening area, where TSA screeners are and continued shooting”, Gannon said.

According to US officials, the suspect has been identified as Paul Anthony Ciancia a 23-year-old from Los Angeles.

CBS reports:

Pennsville Police Chief Allen Cummings told The Associated Press that Ciancia had apparently made references to suicide recently. Cummings said Ciancia’s father called him early Friday afternoon saying another of his children had received a text message from the suspect “in reference to him taking his own life.”

Cummings told the AP that the elder Ciancia asked him for help in locating Paul. The chief said he called Los Angeles police, which sent a patrol car to Ciancia’s apartment. There, two roommates said they had seen him Thursday and that he was fine.

Law enforcement sources also told CBS News that “anti-government, anti-TSA writings” were found in the suspect’s bag.

A federal official and law enforcement sources told CBS News that a TSA officer died in the shooting. The Los Angeles County coroner’s office confirmed to CBS News that a 40-year-old man connected to the shooting had died but wouldn’t identify him.

The TSA officer who died was a man who worked as a behavior detection officer and had recently transferred to the airport from Montana, J. David Cox Sr., president of the American Federation of Government Employees, the union that represents the TSA, said on a conference call with reporters.

TV footage showed dozens of officers swarming the airport. Images also showed a law enforcement officer being treated by paramedics. He appeared to be alert. Another officer had a bloody hand.


Source: CBS News/LA Times