Posted October 31, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Boston Red Sox Dominate; Win World Series [Video]

Those who paid outrageous prices to see the Boston Red Sox last night got a treat, as they got to see their team win the World Series in Boston for the first time 1918.

The Red Sox had a lot of clutch hitting especially from Shane Victorino who had been slumping throughout the series. He came up with a double in the bottom of the third with a double.

They never looked back as they opened up the floodgates in the next inning with a homerun from Stephen Drew and timely hits by Mike Napoli and another one by Shane Victorino.

St. Louis Cardinals got on the board on the top of the 7th with a single, but never really threaten as the beard filled team never let them gain momentum.

Red Sox were a 30-1 odd to win the World Series in the beginning of the season, after trading away some of their biggest players, and picking up a bunch of role players in the offseason.

Check out their road to the World Series below: