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Red Sox Tie The World Series On A Parody?!

Big Papi Red Sox

Big Papi Gives Inspirational Speech To Team Before BIG World Series Game 4 Win


n World Series baseball, the NY Yankees legendary enemy (the Boston Red Sox) made the St. Louis Cardinals look Bill Buckner-like, losing 4-2 on a simple pick-off move?! With two outs in the ninth, Cardinals’ Kolten Wong got caught dazed-and-confused, picked off the bag (pic below), and consequently didn’t allow teammate and mega All-Star Carlos Beltran to complete his at-bat! So now we will never even know what fortunes Beltran’s bat would told! How quickly, the series could have changed from a 3-1 advantage for the Cardinals, and now shifts the power back to Boston for Game 6 with the series tied at 2 games apiece! READ MORE after the jump…

Cardinals picked off Red Sox World Series game 4

Sometimes an enemy can become a friend, as many New Yorkers are secretly cheering for the Red Sox (especially over the Cardinals – Whats in St Louis?)! The Yankees been out of the Playoffs since the season started, so don’t begrudge the reality of the foe turned friend (for just the now)!

As a New Yorker (honestly) are you secretly rooting for the Red Sox; since the Yankees are out? And When do you think that Big Papi will finally come to the Yankees?! Leave a comment below!