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Geno & The Jets Derailed By The Bengals?!

New York Jets v Cincinnati Bengals

“Was this a step back for Geno Smith?” the Jets’ coach was asked.

“I mean,” he said, “it wasn’t a good performance, for sure,” – nypost

“That was ugly, to say the least,” Jets coach Rex Ryan said. “We’re fortunate it only counts for one loss because you get your butt kicked like that, you know, we’re fortunate that is all it is. Obviously, we have to play a hell of a lot better.” – nypost


he NY Jets with Roc Nation Sports (super) QB Geno Smith are still riding the coaster (one up one down), and we’re derailed drastically 49-9 by the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium last night?! Geno was sloppy and threw two picks that turned into touchdowns for the Bengals, and overall handed in a less-than-mediocre performance (completing 20-of-30 passes for 159 yards)! The Jets even tossed in back-up quarterback Matt Simms late in the game! The Jets D obviously got handled including a tirade by defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson and a big gap in the slot created by rookie (#1 Draft pick out of ‘Bama) cornerback Dee Millner?! The Jets D was so garbage that they gave up a franchise record five touchdowns to Bengals QB Andy Dalton, and made wide receiver Marvin Jones into a star, as he accounted for four touchdown grabs?! The Jets are still rock steady with a 4-4 record, but really have to step up now before the starting quarterback controversy bubbles once Mark “Buttfumble” Sanchez gets healthy again!

Do you think that Mark Sanchez should get an opportunity to start at quarterback when he returns, or should Geno Smith be given the opportunity to finish the season as the Jets next quarterback?! Please leave a comment below!