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Brooklyn Mass Stabbing Leaves One Woman and 4 Children Dead [Photo]


A mass stabbing occurred in Brooklyn last night leaving a women and 4 children dead with the youngest being only 18 months old. The attacks happened during an apparent rampage officials said.

The suspected domestic violence attack took place in an apartment on 57th St., near Ninth Ave., in Sunset Park with a male suspect being held in custody as of early Sunday.

“I saw the mom and the kid, just covered in blood,” said Kenny Lin, 33, who lives down the street from the gruesome mass killing. “They were both on stretchers.”

The attacks took place at around 10:45 pm and left 3 children, a toddler and two girls ages 9 and 6, dead when paramedics arrived on the scene just after 11 pm. Doctors were unable to save the lives of the 37-year-old woman and the 8-year-old boy.

A parent who wasn’t home during the attacks was inconsolable when he learned of the tragedy according to witnesses and had to be told of the news through a Chinese interpreter.

Source: NY Daily News

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