Posted October 26, 2013 by DJ Enuff in News

Dozens of Women Defy Saudi Driving Ban [Photo]


In a rare act of defiance in the ultraconservative Shariah law laden Saudi Arabia, more than 60 women got behind the wheel of the car on Oct. 26 in a protest again the country’s restrictive laws concerning driving rights for women. Saudi professor and campaigner Aziza Youssef said the protest group had received 13 videos and 50 text messages of women driving with no arrests or fines thus far. Though there are no specific laws forbidding women the right to drive, women are not issued licenses leaving them to rely on drivers or male relatives for any kind of transportation. Higher up male officials fear that allowing women to drive will promote promiscuity in a country where women are required to be in the company of a male guardian while out in public.

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