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Shocking Details Revealed In Massachusetts Teacher’s Death! [Video]

Significant evidence and details have been surfaced regarding the recent death of the young math teacher, who was slain by her student. According to CNN, a source tells authorities that that the two, 14 year old Phillip Chism, and teacher Colleen Ritzer had been spotted interacting just moments before her death.

“Chism had been doodling and listening to music during Colleen Ritzer’s algebra I class during the school’s final period, classmate Cambria Cloutier told CNN. Creating such drawings was unusual for Chism, and when the final bell sounded at 1:55 p.m. Tuesday, Ritzer asked him to stay after class.
Cloutier sat two desks over from Chism, who rarely participated in class discussion but was “a really good student,” she said.
While shuttling between two after-school meetings, Cloutier said, she looked into the same classroom and saw Ritzer standing by her computer and Chism sitting in a chair about 5 to 10 feet away. The teacher smiled at her, Cloutier recalled. At some point that afternoon, Ritzer went to a student girls’ bathroom on Danvers High’s second floor, as someone was in the locked faculty bathroom, a source close to the investigation said.
Chism allegedly followed her in.
The school reopened its doors Friday. How was Ritzer killed? With a box cutter the suspect, Chism, had brought into school, a source close to the investigation says.
What happened to her body afterward? It was stashed in a recycling bin, rolled outside, then dumped about 20 feet into woods behind the northeastern Massachusetts high school’s athletic fields, adds another source. It was left there — not buried, not even covered.
And where did the alleged killer go afterward? After changing his clothes, he went to a Wendy’s fast-food restaurant and a movie, sources say, before police in a neighboring town saw him walking on a busy road under the pitch-dark sky early Wednesday.”
Source: CNN