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Introducing… Hood & Team 80 Artist Tweezie ‘One Of A Kind’ [Audio] [Photo]

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James “Tweezie” Foxworth

The music industry much like any entity has its ups and downs. Some come into the industry and last for decades. While others enter, create a spark and then fade away. There are many who would argue that the industry hasn’t produced quality work in years. Today the industry is full of artists that produce lackluster records. In turn, they are here one day and gone the next. However, newcomer Tweezie has arrived to change the trajectory of hip-hop.

Hailing from Brooklyn NY, James “Tweezie” Foxworth is here to leave his mark on the game. Armed with passion and a genuine love for the art of hip-hop, Tweezie is here to prove he’s what the game’s been missing. While there has been rappers that graced the charts in the last few years with “hits”, the game still lack something. It’s missing that rawness, that hunger, that feeling that makes your head nod and your body sway as you feel the beat and the words penetrate your existence. Tweezie is here to fill that void.

Tweezie was born and raised in the infamous Lafayette Gardens by a single mother. Lafayette Gardens known to Brooklynites as “LG” is a place that can give a young rapper a lot of material to create with. On any given day you can go from chilling in front of your building, to mourning the death of a close friend or loved one. Tweezie’s mother knew she had to move her son out of the housing project to give him a better life. She tried to shield him from the outside world, even forbidding him to listen to gangster rap. However, hip-hop crept in and changed young James’ life forever.

It was the Notorious BIG’s Life After Death, Till Death Do Us Part album take birthed Tweezie’s love for hip-hop. Mase would fuel his longing to entertain and party but Jay Z would solidify his decision to become a rapper. However, long before these rap greats influenced Tweezie, his mom, a dance teacher showed him how to perform. Watching his mother teach dance every weekend and produce recitals, showed Tweezie the importance of performing and having a presence on and off the stage. 

That presence along with true to life rhymes caught the eye and ear of the executives at Team 80 Entertainment. Having been in the streets, Tweezie’s rhymes can be a soundtrack for a reality TV show. His depiction of the world that he knows is so vivid that one can close their eyes and transport themselves to the streets of Brooklyn. It is with this talent to pull his audience in, that Tweezie aims to use in his take over of the game.

At the tender age of 25, Tweezie wants to be known as an artist and not just another rapper. He has a way of approaching a record that would leave you surprised every time.  He is truly honing his craft and developing as a lyricist. Much like his influences, DMX,  the Hot Boys, Notorious BIG, Jay Z, Mase, Camron, Eminem, and James Brown, Tweezie aims to become a musical legend. Whether riding a slow beat or crushing a head-banger, Tweezie proves he can hold his own in this competitive industry. So pay attention. 

Hailing from Lafayette Gardens (LG) part of Brooklyn… Introducing Hood & Team 80 Entertainment newest rap artist James “Tweezie” Foxworth! Tweezie just dropped his first official single “One of a Kind” and takes inspiration from Biggie, Mase, and Jay-Z with hopes to make a statement in the rap game! In his hood people go from chilling on a stoop to attending their friends funerals on a daily basis! His mother wanted a better life for him and helped teach him some for performance, as a dance teacher! Check out his new track (download it), bio, and pics right here! BIG S/O to Heavy Hitter’s own @GlobalVitoHH!!!