Posted October 22, 2013 by Unique in ThatsEnuff

Banksy Takes Over New York [Photo] [Video]

For the past few weeks British graffiti artist Banksy, has been driving NYPD and the Mayor a bit crazy during his “Better Out Then In” New York City art residence; tagging walls all over Manhattan, South Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens with his unique signature artwork.

Over the past few weeks many New York Residents have been able to catch sight of his creative moving art all over the city. Like the New York delivery truck converted into a mobile garden; his fiberglass replica of Ronald McDonald having his shoes shined by a real live boy; A 1/36 scale replica of the great Sphinx of Giza made from smashed cinderblocks; and a rather amusing piece called “The Sirens of the Lambs” (A Slaughterhouse delivery truck full of stuff animals gasping for air that roamed the meatpacking district before hitting the city). This past weekend Banksy even set up a temporary outside two painting exhibition in a spot kindly donated by the owner.

You can follow Banksy’s during his art tour over on his website. In the meantime check out what you’ve missed.


[Photo Credit: Banksynyc.com]