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Geno & The Jets Take Down The Pats (On Late Hit)?!

Geno Smith Jets beat Pats

“I was like, ‘You know what, it’s about time we got a break,’ ” Jets coach Rex Ryan said about his thoughts when the flag was thrown. “That’s really what I was thinking. It just worked out.” – nypost

New NFL Rule: However, Rule 9, Section 1, Article 3, subsection (b)(2) in the NFL rule book states the defensive team on a kick from scrimmage “cannot push teammates on the line of scrimmage into the offensive formation.” In the initial proposal, the rule change was that players not on the line scrimmage cannot push players on the line of scrimmage, a source said, but after the Competition Committee discussed it further, the rule was amended to include all players, not just those on the second level. – nypost

0-6 Giants look to get first win against Vikings on Monday Night Football (tonight)


he NY Jets and Roc Nation Sports QB Geno Smith took down the New England Patriots 30-27 on Sunday afternoon based on a late hit and big penalty! Nick Folk sunk the 42-yard field goal that helped the Jets accomplish the improbable, a slim OT victory over the Patriots at MetLife Stadium! The Jets improved to 4-3 with the clutch victory, and rookie QB Geno is looking more and more like a star from game to game! Geno completed 17-of-33 passes for 233 yards with one touchdown passing (one pick) and one touchdown rushing! Jets’ running back Chris Ivory put forth a solid effort rushing for 104 yards on 34 attempts! The Jets received some criticism from the NFL.com website because the 15-yard penalty for the unsportmanslike conduct that the Pats received at the end of the game to put the Jets virtually at the 32-yard (for the game-winning field goal) was based around a new rule that you cannot push a teammate into the line of scrimmage! Besides the action on the field, a Jets fan socked a woman in the face?!

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