Posted October 18, 2013 by Sports Bata in Sports

WOW: NY Giants Offered Free Eye Exam?!

Eli Manning Giants free eye exam

“Comprehensive eye exams,” LensCrafters wrote in an email to The Post, “can reveal the true culprit behind fumbles, turnovers and interceptions: poor vision.”

“Eye-hand-ball coordination, accurate depth perception, visual anticipation, and judgment of timing and speed are all dependent on sharp eyesight and will be essential to earning a much-needed victory on Monday night against the [Vikings],” LensCrafters wrote. – nypost

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fter starting out the season an awful 0-6 Big Blue AKA The NY Giants were actually offered a free eye exam from Lenscrafters?! WOW WTF if things couldn’t get any worse they just did, and the worst part Eli the captain behind the sinking ship has actually had an OK numbers this season (minus an NFL high 15 picks), but just can’t seem to get that W in the win column?!

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