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Ladies!! Things You Must Know About Your Vagina


Sometimes talking about your vagina can being embarrassing. I came across an article and I thought it was only right I share with my ladies. The essential things that you should know about your punany aka vagina.


Discharge is completely normal. The amount of discharge varies from women to women. If in fact you have any there is no need to be concerned. However if you experience any burning, itching or odor with discharge, contact your gyno.

Embrace Your Vulva

Every women’s vagina is different. Your vulva are the outer lips of your vaginal area. It may be thin, plump or curvy. EMBRACE your vulva, its beautiful.

Fall Out

One fact about vaginas that you may not know about is that it can “fall out”. It is known as a pelvic prolapse, your vagina can turn inside out and hang between your legs. No need to fret, it can be corrected.

Hello Mr. Bullet

Your vagina is a muscle that contracts and stretches just like your other muscles. If you don’t use them, you lose them. So if you don’t have a partner, its okay to pull out that battery operated boyfriend.

Should You Douche?

There is no need to douche. If you are douching to remove a paticularly strong smell and discharge then it could be signs of an infection. Instead of douching, you may want to contact your gyno. Also your vagina has a signature smell that is unque to you, no need for douches that smell like the ocean or rose petals.


Many women experience dryness as they age and it is not abnormal to use lubricant during sex. A dry vagina can be very uncomfortable so have fun and try using flavored lubes.


If you are experiencing pain during sex, then it is very important you contact your gyno. Your vagina is designed specifically for sex. So don’t suffer in silence and put up with painful sex.

Did You Vart?!

At times you may experience Vaginal Farts (Varts). It may be somewhat embarrassing but it is very normal. You have nothing to worry about.

Ladies I hope you found these vagina facts very educational!



Source: LadiSav