Posted October 16, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Is Carmelo Anthony Trying To Leave The Knicks?

In 2011, Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks from the Denver Nuggets in a blockbuster deal that helped upgrade a struggling team, and suddenly gave championship hopes to a team stuck at the bottom.

Now, there’s a chance the Knicks could see life without him.

In a statement to the New York Observer the star forward said,

“I want to be a free agent. I think everybody in the NBA dreams to be a free agent at least one time in their career. It’s like you have an evaluation period, you know. It’s like if I’m in the gym and I have all the coaches, all the owners, all the GMs come into the gym and just evaluate everything I do. So yes, I want that experience.”

Now don’t expect a Dwight Howard fiasco from Carmelo Anthony.

“I came to New York for a reason,” Anthony said. “I’ve been with you all my life, almost to a fault. I wanted to come here and take on the pressures of playing in New York. So one thing I would tell my fans: If you haven’t heard it from me, then it ain’t true.”

He has two years left on his current contract, but he can opt out next season. He can make over $30 million dollars more if he sticks with his home town team than if he left to another team.

By the way, the Knicks have EVERY intention on keeping Carmelo Anthony on the team.