Posted October 16, 2013 by Marie-D in News

Adrian Peterson Has ANOTHER Secret Love Child


NFL star Adrian Peterson secrets are all coming out! Allegedly more babies’ mamas have popped out the woodworks.

Everyone is familiar with Adrian’s toddler son Adrian, Jr. and now a 8 year that he mentioned in a documentary back in 2009.

TMZ is reporting that multiple women have come forward about being the mother of Adrian’s children. Wednesday a young lady from Dallas named Erica Sylon has come out about the 4-year-old son she has with Adrian.

TMZ reports:

Sources connected to the situation tell us … the two have a financial arrangement, in which Adrian gives Erica money to pay for the kid’s schooling, as well as living expenses. We’re told the two met in Houston back in 2007 … but their relationship has deteriorated in the past few years. Sources tell us Adrian IS involved in the child’s life — but Erica is the primary parent, with Adrian visiting when he can.Yesterday sources reveal that an unnamed Minnesota waitress came forward about Adrian being the father of her 3 month old baby. There isn’t much proof but only time will tell.

Adrian 2-year-old son whom he just met last week, whose mother is Ashley Doohen, tragically died at the hands of her boyfriend Joseph Robert Patterson.