Posted October 16, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

10 Years Ago Today: Aaron Boone Sends Yankees To World Series [Video]

Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees may not be in the playoffs at the moment, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look back at the past.

10 years ago today, a struggling Aaron “f*****” Boone was called on to pinch hit in the bottom of the 11th inning in game 7 of the American League Championship Series to give the Yankees one of the most magical moments in recent history by blasting a home run over the left field wall.

It was an epic game that began with Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez facing off in the game of a lifetime.

Although the Yankees lost in the World Series that year to the Florida Marlins due to a game winning hit from Luis Gonzalez, this moment is stuck in most Yankees fans heads forever.

This game had more drama than some of your favorite reality shows. Relive the classic game below: