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LADIES!! 6 Ways To Make Sure You Stay On His Mind


Do you have what it takes to be remembered? Guys have a funny way of showing you how they feel.

Are you making a lasting impression on your man?

Nothing wrong with being a little naughty and showing some sass while you’re at it. Just remember NEVER give them all the control and whatever you do keep it in moderation. You can stay on your man’s mind all the time, by pulling a few a tricks out of your sleeve.

Here are 6 ways to make sure you stay on his mind:

1. Be Crazy But NEVER Insane

Men love a lil crazy, but not to the point were it’s to much to bear. Remember too much of anything is toxic. Never push the boundaries. Remember ladies to always know your limits.

2. Show A Little Sass

Nothing wrong with a little tease. Hey every man needs to be teased just a tad bit. They are not the only ones that can pull off sarcasm, so never give him all the control.

3. Why Not Be A Lil Naughty

Try to stay out of falling into the same routines. Be a little spontaneous! Do things outside of your comfort zone like role play. Its the best way to keep  relationship entertaining and spicy.

4. Look You Very Best ALWAYS

Dress your best at all times. Nothing drives a man wild than a woman that is happy in her own skin and is confident with in herself. Perfecting your look is a must as it helps boost your self esteem anyway.

5. Joke Around

Nothing wrong with a girl that has a sense of humor. Everyone loves a good laugh!

6. Communication

Don’t be afraid to tell him how you feel. Men are always doing all the work. Allow them to feel wanted and the chance to be chased. Give him the details about those special qualities that you like.

Good Luck Ladies!!

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