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Giants Can’t Stop The Bleeding, Bears Swallow QB Eli?!

Eli Manning swallowed by Bears

“I don’t feel I’m doing my part to get this team some wins and some chances,’’ Manning said. “Guys are doing their parts and I need to start doing mine.’’

Of the fateful final pass, Manning said, “I obviously threw the ball a little too high,’’ as he took the hit for this latest failure.

“I feel bad for my teammates, I feel bad for my coaches,’’ Manning said. “Everybody is fighting every day and I’m fighting, too. I’m trying to get a win for these guys but, you know, it’s tough.

“We’re all sick of it,’’ Giants coach Tom Coughlin said. “We’re all sick of the losing.’’ – nypost

Brandon Jacobs 34


he NY Giants just can’t stop the bleeding and dropped to (0-6), as the Chicago Bears swallowed QB Eli Manning forcing him into three picks! Eli third pick of the game was costly and came with only 1:54 remaining and the Giants only behind six points (27-21)! The ball sailed high and into the grips of Bears’ CB Tim Jennings, and voila there goes another one! The Giants have now officially claimed their worst start since 1976, when they first moved to the Meadowlands! You can’t put it all on Eli, as the Giants D has been the worst (to start a season) in NFL history since the 1961 Raiders, and their running game has been non-existent! To look on a positive, the Giants had a real chance to win four of the six losses this season, and RB Brandon Jacobs (pic above) showed promise (last night) rushing for 106 yards and accounting for two touchdowns!