Posted October 3, 2013 by Luis Mercado in News

Update: Woman Who Drove Through Capitol Pronounced Dead [Video]


US Capitol

Gunshots were heard around the United States capitol today, after reports say a woman rammed into the White House gate.

According to the latest reports from ABCNews,

“An attempt to ram the White House gates ended with shots fired at the U.S. Capitol, senators put under lockdown and a female suspect dead, sources told ABC News.

The suspect was killed by cops near the Capitol following a high speed chase from the White House, along Pennsylvania Ave., the same route the president typically walks following an inauguration.

A child was found unhurt in the woman’s car, authorities said. The woman was not carrying ID and has not been identified. Police said there were no weapons found in the suspect’s car.

Sources said the woman’s vehicle is leased with out of state license plates.”

Details will be updated as they come to light.

Watch the live CNN coverage below.