Posted October 2, 2013 by Global Vito in Global

New Artist Spot light: Eddie Timmons Holy Grail and More…[Video]

Eddie Timmons is a man of many talents-

His unique ability to create, and re-create music by using nothing but his vocals and undeniable ear for what’s hot across the globe is what makes him the type of artist that can be attractive to music appreciators all over the world.

A perfect example of his nack for what’s hot is his most recent release of a mashup of 3 very different songs from across a broad spectrum of musical genres which include : Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail”, British singer and songwriter Alex Clare’s “Too Close”, and Radioactive’s “Imagine Dragons”.

Take a look at Eddie Timmons’ latest A Cappella video and let him impress you with his smooth vocals and subtle transitions from one popular song to the next.

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