Posted October 2, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Alex Rodriguez To Play The Victim In Arbitration Case




Will Alex Rodriguez ever learn?

It’s no secret that A-Rod is one of the most hated people in not only baseball but in all of sports. He’s a man with a good physique, with a seemingly arrogant attitude, who is also the highest paid player in baseball, and speaks to his audience like he is running for mayor.

A report released by the Daily News stated that the Yankees third baseman, who is staring at a 211 game suspension is looking to take the sympothy rout in his arbitration case by saying that he did not know he was taking illegal substances.

Substances, that according to Major League Baseball, “were so expensive and why were the transactions so secretive?”

ESPN released a statement from Ron Berkowitz, Rodriguez’s publicist which said,

“We cannot provide any details of this hearing, as the chair of the arbitration panel has issued an order prohibiting all parties from commenting publicly on the confidential proceedings, but what is being reported is not true.”

According to those sources A-Rod’s team hasn’t begun their argument yet, only beginning cross examining of his “drug supplier” Anthony Bosch today (October 2).
If A-Rod was to use that argument, would you believe him? Do you care at this point? Is Rodriguez on the team next year? Tell us your opinion in the comment box below.