Posted October 1, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

A-Rod Rep Gets Hot Coffee Treatment At Court Protest?!


“He was trying to move the barricades to try to give the people an opportunity to walk, the pedestrians,” Sergio Rodriguez related. “She went and yanked the barricades and said basically that it was a police barricade and nobody could move it. So the people could walk, he moved it again, and she threw coffee on him because she said he ripped it out of her hands.”

“Fernando Mateo deserves justice, in that if he is attacked wrongly, hot coffee thrown at him, whoever did that, and we have a photo of the woman who did it, should be held accountable,” Sanford Rubenstein, Mateo lawyer said. “We have reported this to the police. They are investigating. Fernando is currently hospitalized because of this attack. We will keep you posted.” – nypost

According to Sergio Rodriguez, executive director of HAA, which has aligned itself against MLB and Yankees president Randy Levine, Mateo became involved in a disagreement with a security guard outside the building. The security guard reportedly put hands on Mateo, causing him to spill a cup of hot coffee all over himself. Mateo was taken to a local hospital after his blood pressure spiked following the coffee scalding. – nypost

How disappointing Yankees can contend in 2014?!



ou may be saying what does HOT COFFEE have to do with A-Rod or MLB in general, but “Hispanics Across America” president Fernando Mateo was scolded with hot coffee and hospitalized after a run-in with a security guard outside the building for A-Rod DAY 2 Appeal Hearing this morning?! A-Rod is facing a 211-day suspension with MLB (for his involvement with HGH and the Miami based HGH clinic Biogenesis), and Mateo had flooded the streets to support the regrettable Yankee star (on the chopping block)! Sergio Rodriguez, the executive director of HAA was the scene and offered an inside scoop on the sitcho! Check out details above!