Posted September 29, 2013 by DJ Enuff in News

Saudi Women Launch New Campaign To End Driving Ban [Photo]


Saudi Arabia, a country with a population of 27 million and the world’s top oil exporter, is the only nation in the world where women are forbidden to drive. The women there argue there is no religious justification for them not to drive, while the religious edicts in effect are often interpreted to withhold permission to women to operate a vehicle. Over 10,000 Saudi women have already signed the online oct26driving.com campaign calling for the enablement of women to drive on October 26, in addition to the allowance of driving tests and the issuing of licenses for women that pass.

This is not the first attempt to overthrow the discriminating ban as the inaugural effort to allow women driving rights happened in 1991. Women in Saudi Arabia are left to depend on their fathers, brothers and husband for simple transportation to places such as the supermarket, daycare, and the university.


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