Posted September 28, 2013 by DJ Enuff in News

Greece Arrests Senior Members of Far-Right Party [Photo]


The counter terrorism police conducted a crackdown on Greece’s violent neo-fascist Golden Dawn party early Saturday morning, arresting 5 members of Parliament, including the leader of the organization, and 10 party officials. It marks the first time the leader of a political party and members of Parliament have been arrested since 1974. The arrest comes on the heels of the murder of an anti-fascist Greek rapper committed by a man who allegedly had ties to the neo-fascist Golden Dawn party and subsequently caused an uproar throughout Greece. The arrests are part of a rapidly widening campaign by the government to clamp down on what it says is a rising tide of extremism in Greece, fueled by Greece’s economic crisis which has an elevated unemployment rate of nearly 30% as of June, nearly 4 times more than that of the U.S.’ in comparison.

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