Posted September 27, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Robinson Cano Is Looking For How Much Money?

Robinson Cano


When Robinson Cano signed with Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports the general assumption was that the New York Yankees had the first hand in signing him as he reaches free agency for the first time in his career this year. That chance may have just shrunk after reports surfaced that the superstar second baseman is looking for a record deal worth $305 million over 10 years.

To put it into perspective Alex Rodriguez has the two highest contracts in sports history. He signed his last contract signed with the Yankees in 2008 which was worth $275,000,000. The contract before that was signed at $252,000,000 with the Texas Rangers in 2004, which led to the Rangers trading the player due to the fact they did not have the funds to improve the team around A-Rod.

Below is a list of some of the biggest contracts today in Major League Baseball.

Player Team Signed in Contract
1. Alex Rodriguez Yankees 2008 10 years, $275 million
2. Alex Rodriguez Rangers 2001 10 years, $252 million
3. Albert Pujols Angels 2012 10 years, $240 million
4. Joey Votto Reds 2012 10 years, $225 million
5. Prince Fielder Tigers 2012 9 years, $214 million
6. Derek Jeter Yankees 2001 10 years, $189 million
7. Joe Mauer Twins 2011 8 years, $184 million
8. Mark Teixeira Yankees 2009 8 years, $180 million
9. Felix Hernandez Mariners 2013 7 years, $175 million
10. CC Sabathia Yankees 2009 7 years, $161 million
11. Manny Ramirez Red Sox 2001 8 years, $160 million
11. Matt Kemp Dodgers 2012 8 years, $160 million


Although the Yankees have a high payroll, they are looking at a team in 2013 that has question marks at catcher, short stop, third base, and starting pitching next year.

Although he is undeniably a top 5 player at the moment, Cano is also going to be 31 at the beginning of the season,  which means that at the end of the contract he would be 41. Derek Jeter (39), who has been one of the healthiest players to play baseball, has not played much in a whole year due to an injury. Alex Rodriguez (38) has been breaking down in recent years due to his age and possibly the use of performance enhancing drugs.

In other words what may look good now, may not be the same product you get later. Would you sacrifice the future for a chance to win in the present. Leave a comment and let me know what you would do if you were running the team.