Posted September 27, 2013 by Luis Mercado in Sports

Emotional Mariano Rivera Leaves Yankees Stadium For Last Time [Video]

Mariano Rivera


Although the New York Yankees lost 4-0 to the Tampa Bay Rays, the sold out crowd focused their attention on the closer Mariano Rivera for the last time in his career as an active player.

The normally calm, and focused closer smiled before sobbing as pitcher Andy Pettitte (who is also retiring), and Derek Jeter came out the dugout to take Mo out of the game as they said “time to go.”

Yankee Stadium made sure they showed him all of their love as everyone stood up and cheer, including the Tampa Bay Rays who allowed the moment to occur as he gave one last tip of the hat and nod to the fans.

Although the Yankees will not play any other games at Yankee Stadium, fans in Houston have three more chances to catch the closer as they finish the season against the Astros starting tonight.

Catch the video of the moments below: