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Mo Rivera Yankee Stadium Farewell Tribute [Photo]

Mariano Rivera tribute walking out bullpen

“While I’m still playing, I’m retired already,” Rivera joked later. “It was good. There’s always a first time. To have Rachel and the Robinson family here, it means a lot to me. All the respect that I have for the family and for Mr. Jackie Robinson and all he did for us, me being the last one to wear the No. 42, I can’t ask for better than that.”

“What surprised me the most? Oh my God. To see the band there, Metallica, out there playing the song,” Rivera said. “The whole thing was special. I wasn’t expecting something like that.” – nydailynews

Mariano Rivera hugs Jeter

Mariano Rivera hugs former longtime teammate Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx on Sunday afternoon. With Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte exit the “Core-Four” has officially dissolved.

The NY Yankees showed their (the) greatest reliever of all-time Mariano Rivera AKA Mo some love and showered him with gifts including a live performance by Metallica at a Yankee Stadium final farewell tribute yesterday! Where do we start?! Before the Yankees disappointing 2-1 loss to the San Francisco Giants yesterday, the Yankees honored Mo with a lengthy Yankee Stadium farewell tribute! READ MORE after the jump…

Mariano Rivera Jackie Robinson Tribute plaque

First, Mo presented the Jackie Robinson tribute plaque with his wife, Clara and three sons, and Robinson’s widow, Rachel and daughter Sharon; the No. 42 was retired in 1997 (at Monument Park) in tribute to the great Jackie Robinson!

Mariano Rivera plaque

Then, Mo and the entourage went to present his own No. 42 that was retired in the outfield wall! That is when the music started!

Metallica rocks out for Mo

Mo walked on into the stadium from the bullpen to Metallica rocking out to “Enter the Sandman,” Mo’s entrance song since 1999!

Mariano River Joe Torre embrace

Mo was then joined by former Championship teammates including: longtime friend Jorge Posada, Joe Torre (pic above), Bernie Williams, Tino Martinez, Paul O’Neill, John Wetteland, David Cone, Jeff Nelson and Hideki Matsui!

Mariano Rivera rocking chair m

Mo was then showered with gifts first and foremost a custom made baseball bat rocking chair presented from the Yankees…

Mariano Rivera Giants gifts Yankee stadium tribute

The Giants got in the mix presenting Mo with a watercolor of himself and a Kirk Hammett (Metallica’s lead guitarist) electric guitar, signed by Giants HOF Willie Mays…

Mariano Rivera Metallica tribute

Metallica then presented Mo with a customized speaker cabinet…

Mariano Rivera home plaque

The party didn’t stop there Mo was then gifted a $100K towards the Mariano Rivera Foundation and given a framed print of his freshly retired No. 42 plaque…

Mariano Rivera crystal glove

Lastly,  Mo was given a Waterford Crystal Glove replica of his mit by Hal Steinbrenner, son of the late George Steinbrenner.