Posted September 19, 2013 by Marie-D in ThatsEnuff

Tami Roman Apologizes To Her Daughter For Exposing Her To Reality TV

Tami Roman 1


Just last week Basketball Wives star Tami Roman took to her blog to vent about her frustrations with her cast members about her name being dragged in the mud. She has been very unhappy about the direction BBW production crew has taken the reality show. Now she is apologizing to her daughter, for subjecting her to reality tv.

Her daughter Lyric was put on blast by fans on social media because of her appearance of her hair during last week’s episode. She defends the critics.

“… I had just gotten off a flight…had no time to get it done! Ahhhh…I had to turn that midway through,” Lyric tweeted. “That hair looked a hot mess SMH. I’ll get em next time LOL…OH WELL! ..My privacy & self-love is worth more than any amount of fame.”

Tami immediately took to her Instagram page to offer a public a apology to her daughter

I am SORRY for bringing you into this crazy world of mine and ‘reality’ TV, dragging you out of bed at the last minute to tape when you were sick as a dog…people are mean and I can handle scrutiny and hatred, but you are not built like that NOR are you deserving,” Roman wrote on Instagram, while re-posting her daughter’s message. “Mommy apologizes and will NEVER ask you to be involved with BBW again. You deserve an opportunity to live your life, free of me, my BS and this show. I love you!”

Tami may be thinking about leaving “Basketball Wives” herself.