Posted September 19, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Giants Coach Coughlin Deals With Brothers Unexpected Death?!

Tom Coughlin and brother John Coughlin NY Daily News pic

Tom Coughlin told his team Wednesday “time on this earth is precious and don’t allow yourself to think otherwise.” Then he went right into the plan for Sunday’s must-win game in Charlotte, N.C., against the Panthers.

“I didn’t see any changes in his personality,” said defensive end Justin Tuck. “He mentioned it and he moved on. I don’t think he wants to burden us with it. He’s kind of like me; he’s not looking for sympathy. It’s something that happened and he’s going deal with it the way he deals with it. I doubt you’re going to hear him talk about it again.” – nypost


Y Giants head coach Tom Coughlin received some horrible news the other day when he found out his younger brother, John Coughlin, died unexpectedly from hitting his head on the curb?! John, 63, passed away on Monday at Hackensack University (NJ) Medical Center, as his brain swelled from the combination of his blood thinning medication Coumadin (heart condition) and the injury to his head. John was getting out of a cab, tripped on the curb, and hit his head on the ground. Tom will continue to prepare the (0-2) Giants for their next opponent, the Carolina Panthers, and refuses to be distracted from his game plan. Thatsenuff.com send condolences to friends of family of John Coughlin; I am sure it was devastating news for the NY Giants coach Coughlin.