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The Game, Drake Donate $22,500 To Ohio Woman After Mobile Home Fire Kills Her Five Children, Boyfriend.


According to the Daily News, “Thanks to The Game, more rappers are putting some sense behind spending their dollars.

After making headlines with his Robin Hood Project campaign pledge to donate $1 million by Christmas in giving away $10,000 to the mother of a slain 6-year-old California girl, the “How We Do” rapper has done it again.

This time Game, 33, enlisted the help of fellow good guy rapper Drake to donate $22,500 to an Ohio woman who lost her family in a devastating house fire.


Ana Angel (l) lost her five children — Tiara Angel, 6, Stormie Huey, 5, Trinity Huey, 4, Sunshine Huey, 3, and Domonic Fresch, 2, — and her boyfriend, Tim Fresch, in a house fire while she was working her shift at Burger King.

On Sept. 15, the blaze broke out at the mobile home of Ana Angel, killing her five young children and boyfriend while she was at work.

“I can deal with a lot of things but people losing their children is something that kills me every time,” The Game wrote, posting the family’s photo to Instagram.

“Ana Angel was working her shift at Burger King when she was informed by her manager Pat Boes that her home had burnt down with her family inside it & no one survived.”


A funeral home identified the children Monday as Tiara Angel, 6, Stormie Huey, 5, Trinity Huey, 4, Sunshine Huey, 3, and 2-year-old Domonic Fresch, according to the Associated Press. Her boyfriend was identified as Tim Fresch, 25.

“I cannot imagine the feeling she had at that moment & when I 1st read this story yesterday I just happened to be on the phone with (Drake) & told him about it so he offered to help alongside me,” the rapper added.

He explained that the two of them split a $20,000 donation, with an additional $2,500 coming from the production team of his reality TV show “Married to The Game,” to cover Angel’s funeral costs and provide funds for a new vehicle.

“What (The Game) is doing will never be forgotten,” Drake, 26, added on his Instagram page. “Honored to be able to help people alongside my brother.””


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