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For A Dark Skin Girl [Video]

Here at ThatsEnuff.com we love to help out those on their way up. With this comes a mini series “For A Dark Skin Girl” which is trying to get the financial backing needed to be for it’s full potential. Take a look at the synopsis below and trailer. If your feeling where this is going, make sure to donate towards the project. Also visit the website here.

A love story set in the 1950’s in a town where race is an issue. This story has the feel of Little House on the Prairie with the essence of Beasts of the Southern Wild. There are two families: The Cardigans and The Turners. The Cardigan’s son, Jonathan, falls in love with The Turner’s daughter, Olivia.
Nastalliagon Productions/Dopeshoes Entertainment is a production company that focuses on various aspects of entertainment. We are currently filming TV mini-series,” For A Dark Skin Girl” written and directed by Brigid Turner.

For A Dark Skin Girl Teaser from Nvitestyle on Vimeo.

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