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North Carolina Teacher Suspended for Showing Students Macklemore’s “Same Love” Video


According to CNN, “A North Carolina middle school teacher was suspended for three days for showing students the rap video “Same Love,” Macklemore’s song promoting equal rights for gays.

The seven-minute video includes a kiss between two men at a wedding altar and ends with an elderly gay couple holding hands in a hospital room.

The school board lawyer would not identify the teacher, describe the class subject or give details about the disciplinary action taken.

The incident occurred last week and the teacher is back on the job at West Alexander Middle School, Harbinson told CNN.

Macklemore, who did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment this week, did publish a response last November when a Michigan middle school teacher was suspended for the same offense. That suspension was lifted after a protest by the American Civil Liberties Union.”

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[CNN article by: Alan Duke and Joe Sutton]

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