Posted September 9, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

JR Smith Suspended For Pot?!

New York Knicks' Smith reacts after a three-point shot against Memphis Grizzlies during their NBA basketball game in New York

The NBA’s marijuana policy reads: “If a player tests positive for marijuana, or if he is convicted of, or pleads guilty to, the use or possession of marijuana, he will be required to submit to treatment, counseling, and aftercare testing in the program. A second violation will result in a $25,000 fine, and any subsequent violations will result in a suspension that is 5 games longer than the player’s immediately-preceding marijuana suspension.’’

Players are subject to four random tests during the NBA season and also two random tests each offseason, the policy states. – nypost


Y Knicks clairvoyant and always entertaining Sixth Man of the Year J.R. Smith got suspended on Friday for dirty urine?! He tested positive for marijuana (for the third time) and will be suspended for five games from when he is healthy enuff to get on the court! He will also be docked $252K in pay during the suspension! J.R. Smith had knee surgery in July, and is not expected to be ready for open season on Oct. 30! READ MORE after the jump…


J.R. Smith had quite an entertaining off-season from dying his hair blonde for an event (pic above) to driving a $450K armored truck to a Manhattan restaurant last month?! He also said that he was 100% sure the Knicks will take the title, and that BK Nets newest addition Paul Pierce will pay consequences for his remark about the Nets taking over NYC! Previously during last year’s Playoffs, singer Rihanna called out J.R. Smith for his clubbing and excessive drinking!!!