Posted September 6, 2013 by DJ Enuff in Sports

Eli Big Bro Ties NFL Record In Season Opener!

Peyton Manning the Legend

“We wanted to play an up-tempo game and that’s when you can get into a rhythm,” Manning said. “You have to have positive plays on those first and second downs. Early in the game, it was first down, second down, third down every single time. Once we got into that rhythm, we weren’t even getting to third down. It was first down, second down, first down. That’s tough on a defense.” – nydailynews


he NFL season officially kicked off at Sports Authority Field in Denver last night, as the Denver Bronco’s rocketed to a decisive 49-27 victory over the Baltimore Ravens to make a statement off the jump! Eli (Manning) big brother and Broncos’ QB Peyton Manning lit up the defending champion Ravens with an NFL record-tying seven touchdowns! Peyton also logged in 462 yards without a pick in his monster season debut! Check out more after the jump…

Julius Thomas in NFL and Portland State University

Also, check out BREAKOUT Broncos’ TE Julius Thomas, who caught four catches for 97 yards and scored two touchdowns in the first half last night! Thomas was a NCAA basketball player during his college years at Portland State University, but switched to football in 2010 (before entry to the NFL) with his 6-foot-5 and 255-pounds! In Sept. 2011 Thomas injured his ankle and had went through 54 weeks of extensive training to get back into the mix!

Wes Welker Broncos

Wide receiver Wes Welker, who the Bronco’s picked up from the Patriots, had a solid debut with nine catches for 62 yards with two scores!